The performances of the Ushu and Taiji training courses


    Within the framework of the Ushu and Taiji scholarship training project organized by the Ministry for Trade of PRC and the Embassy of PRC in Mongolia, a reporting performance of 20 Mongolian students trained in China was held on 24 November , 2017  in a conference hall at the Embassy of  PRC in Mongolia. The event was attended by 100 people approximately, including officials and diplomats from the Embassy of  PRC, particularly Yang Chindun, the charge d’affaires of Embassy of  PRC in Mongolia; Song Wengren, the Economic and Trade Adviser; Bao Yai- the Attaché Military; Gao Fan-In and Li Yanagerun, the Political Advisors, as well as representatives from the Confucius Institute of the National University of Mongolia, journalists from China, and Ts.Tsogzolmaa, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Dr. S.Baigalsaikhan, the rector of the State University of Ulaanbaatar, Dr. S.Tsolmon, the pro-rector of the university, Ulaanbaatar university students who were trained in China and Mongolian sport journalists as well. Opening the ceremony Yang Chindun, the charge d’affaires of the Embassy of  PRC in Mongolia, expressed his sincere gratitude and said, “Both China and Mongolia are adjoining, eternal neighbors. During Chinese President Xi Jingpin’s visit to Mongolia in 2014, our two countries upgraded bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Since that period friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries have been steadily growing. As a result, Mongolian students successfully participated in a variety of training courses organized by Ministry of Trade of the People’s Republic of China and its Embassy in Mongolia. The skilled personnel who were trained in China have been working in many sectors of Mongolia” He pointed out that the reporting performance of Ulaanbaatar University students trained in China is a real example of the success of China and Mongolia in cultural exchange. Rector of Ulaanbaatar University S.Baigalsaikhan expressed his gratitude to China Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy for participating in the training project of Mongolian students.  Song Wengren, the Economic and Trade Adviser at the Embassy of PRC in Mongolia rewarded prize cards and memorabilia for two Mongolian students who have successfully completed their studies in China. In the event, 20 students from Ulaanbaatar University introduced  their  interesting performances to be reported their results.