English Olympiad held in Ulaanbaatar State university


    English Olympiad dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar State University was organized successfully named after S.Baigalsaikhan, Sc.D, and Rector of Ulaanbaatar State University. During the English Olympiad, About 195 students participated in the I Level of the Olympiad, 43 students appear in the II Level and 13 students were in the Final Level.

   L.Khuslen, first-year student of Archeology and Japanese translation, Faculty of Social Sciences, was awarded the first place, Kh.Solongo, first-year student of Mongolian-Chinese translation, Faculty of Literature and Languages, awarded in the second place and in the third place G.Luvsanchoglon, second-year student of Computer Software, Faculty of Technology.

  Congratulations to all of the studentsfor their great success and wish them all the best in the future.