Attention for all Professors, Teachers and Researchers


Welcome to the seminar
The seminar about: Online course training Oct.01-Oct.30 WP1 Database ARROW PROJECT, Improvement of Research and Innovation skills, In Mongolian Universities, Erasmus Program of the European Union
During the seminar: You can know more about Course1, SCIENTIFIC DATABASE, Objectives of the course; To acquaint students with terminology, Types and properties and databases and Method and assessment
Whom: Scientist and young researchers of Natural Science, Professors, teachers and Doctorate degree course students
Where: The seminar will be held in the University library hall on Wednesday, October 10, 2018,
When: At 3.30 p.m. -4.30 p.m
Seminar will be organized by:B.Munkhtsetseg (Doctor, professor) B.Enkhbaatar (Head of Human Resource Department)
P.Tuya (English teacher)