Two Candidates defend doctor’s degree in Mongolian Literature field


The conference of the Academic Council for the defense of doctoral degree in Literature (Ph. D) was held at 13 o’clock on October 23, 2019 at Ulaanbaatar state University. The conference discussed the thesis of research works including “The studies of Mongolian songs for plays and movies” presented by Gombo Narantsetseg, the doctorate of the Mongolian Language & Literature Department at USU and “The evolution of thinking of female writers in the 20th century, feminist view in their works of the art (within the samples of narrative writings)” by Altansan Oyuntsetseg, the doctorate of the Literature & Art Studies’ Department at NUM. The scientific advisor or supervisor of the doctoral candidate G. Narantsetseg was the professor Ch. Dagvadorj (Ph.D), while other 2 professors D. Galbaatar (Sc.D) and B. Khishigsukh (Ph.D) have worked as the scientific supervisors for the doctoral candidate A. Oyuntsetseg. The two doctoral candidates’ research works were discussed by the scientific professors and they successfully defended doctor’s degree (D. Ph) in art of Philology.