A MESSAGE OF GREETINGS from the rector of Ulaanbaatar university


My congratulations to all of you who are the graduates from generation to generation, and our founders, employees, workers, teaching professors, scholars and scientists as well as foreign and domestic organizations, including research institutes, universities and academics who have collaborated for years, on 25th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar university. Wish you all the best in your life and work.
In this era of intensive social economy and rapid engineering technology, it’s getting necessary to develop foreseeing, perspective and right-on policy plan for the educational sector, especially for the higher education and provide training program to be reached or suitable for your country, region, and even the world standards.
To this end, the university colleague and its leading staff are tending toward the ‘Mongolian model’ of universities which is suitable for the features to be developed Mongolia, the nation with a small number of population by using home resources jointly with local entities, variety of state properties and private organizations as well as individuals and observing or developing awareness or skills, capacity and experience of foreign universities, institutions, research institutes’ scientists.
We invite you to join us in this great deal and collaborate in the creation.
May all good deeds become more wide-spread.

The rector of Ulaanbaatar University Professor S. Baigalsaikhan.