Academic affairs of postgraduate education


    Academic affairs of postgraduate education run its activities under the special LICENCE № 960068 by MECS and take master’s degree programs of study within around 10 directions such as Mongolian Studies, Literature, History, Chemistry, Biology, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, State Administration Management, and Business Administration as well as doctorate degree in 5 majors including Mongolian Studies, History, Studies of Literature, Chemistry, and Biology.
There is a Scientific Research Center for postgraduate scholars where the renowned scientists like the State Prize winner, Laureate of the Order of ‘Chinggis Khaan’, academician Kh. Namsrai, the Honored Scientist, academician Ts. Baatar, the Merit worker of Culture, professor D.Tsedev Ph. D, the Merit worker of Culture, professor Ch. Dagvadorj, and the Honored teacher of Mongolia, Ph.D work and provide with methodical advices for research exploration.
Master and doctoral degree thesis are defended under the win of our teaching professors and the Mongolian renowned scientists who has worked within the field for years, as well as in scientific research Institutions collaborated with the Ulaanbaatar university.
The postgraduate study is managed by the Head of academic affairs of postgraduate education, doctor in art of Philology, professor KH. Suglegmaa and specialist of AAPE, master in Education G. Enkhdelger.