Academic affairs of undergraduate education has been  run  its activities since 1992.   There were  working as  head of Academic affairs Ts. Lombo, the Mongolian language and literature teacher; Professor N. Tugjsuren, the Physics-Electronics lecturer; S. Baigalsaikhan (Sc.D., professor); B. Byamba (Ph. D) and D. Tseveendorj (PhD., as-professor). Since 2012  the professor G. Ankhbayar (PhD) has been working as head of Academic affairs of undergraduate education where there are specialists, including S. Delger (MA), Ts. Otgonjargal (MA), the specialist for technology; N. Oyungerel (MA), the specialist for language and literature; O. Munkhjargal (MA) the specialist for social studies as well.

The Ulaanbaatar University’s curriculum policy and coordination functions realized by the office of undergraduate education are listed below:

  • Monitoring and regulating the activities of the Professional Departments;
  • Conforming issues such as developing, approving and changing of curriculums or programs study to instructions by the Central Administrative Office in charge of Education, enforce and supervise the approved rules;
  • Monitor the quality, organization and ultimate outcomes of training activities;
  • Implementing long and short-term activities and programs aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the training;
  • Adopt student admission activities in compliance with relevant procedures;
  • Create, manage and monitor new professional programs;
  • Monitor the storage and use of documents related to training activities, as well as create databases on them