Mongolia issues 13 different types of visa. Students who got accepted by the USU will need to obtain “S” type of visa. Only this type of visa would allow your study, practical training and research work in Mongolia legally. The International affairs officer would arrange the invitation letter which is required to obtain S type of visa via Mongolian embassy in your homeland or nearest embassy to you. In order to prepare an invitation letter, the International affairs officer asks you to send the following documents.
PS: You MUST get a category “S” /STUDENT VISA/ in order to study in Mongolia.And you must registration in a week, visa – in 21 days, when you will come to Mongolia.
Required documents:

1.    A valid passport for 5 years
2.    Application form of USU (please download from
3.  Curriculum vitae (CV) / Resume Personal CV written in English or Mongolian, including personal information, education background, working experience and contact details.
4.    Certified copies of the academic certificate, diploma and transcripts
5.    Health certificate (HIV, AIDS)
6.    Two letter of recommendation Two Recommendation letters in English (translated Mongolian) from professors of your bachelor study or supervisor at work.
7.    Student agreement (Between USU from
8.    Supplement Other relevant certificates or materials, e.g. Merit or Testimonials, etc.

    * Please remember that international student/researcher should enter the country with “S” category visa.
    * Please note that in case of entering the country with other category visa it is not possible to change it within Mongolia.

After arrival.

Registration at the Immigration Office.
Anyone planning to stay in Mongolia for more than 30 days is required to notify your arrival and register with the Immigration Officer in Ulaanbaatar. The registration should be done within the first seven days upon arrival. Otherwise the penalty will be applied up to 1 million MNT.
Please bring your passport to the Office of the University Registrar at the USU next days after your arrival and you have to register to the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Citizens (Immigration Office) within the first seven days after arrival.
Application for Residence Permit.

After registration, you should obtain your residence permit to stay in Mongolia for a longer period. The Office of University registrar will assist you in obtaining the residence permit. So please bring a passport copy and a HIV test to the Office of the University registrar at your earliest convenience. You are requested to obtain the residence permit within 21 days after your arrival.
According to the law and regulations of Mongolia, the registration at the Immigration Office is valid for one year; therefore all international students are requested to renew their registration each year paying a fee set up differently each year by the Immigration Office. Residence permit extension
The residence permit is granted for one year period to international students. For extension of residence permit, please submit the below listed documents to the Office of the University Registrar at least one month before your current permit expires.

1.   Passport
2.   1 photo
3.   HIV test from last three months
4.   Reference from district residential authority
5.   Extension fee
6.   Official transcript

Exit –Entry Visas.

During your summer vacation, it is possible to return your home country or travel around the world. If you are planning to continue studying at the USU in next year or next semester, you should obtain exit-entry visa before your departure. This type of visa is valid for 90 days.
Exit visas.

If you are working, or if you obtained visa from an honorary consul, a single entry visa is issued to you. In this case, another visa is required to leave the country. The exit visa is valid for ten days, which means that you can stay ten days after your normal visa has expired.
Before departure Before your departure, you should be deregistered from the Immigration Office. So bring your passport to the Office of the University registrar at least 2 weeks before departure. Furthermore, if you only have an entry visa, you should apply for an exit visa before departure.