Mathematics Software Department


The Department is one of the first formed while was started the university and called The Department of Applied Mathematics.
At present, the department had prepared and trained for the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree more than 1000 staffs.
Of all the graduates, 10% go abroad for further studies including USA, Japan, Russian Federation, India, Hungary, Romania, Poland, PR of China, KR and Vietnam and some of them have worked with reputable foreign companies successfully after graduating from their universities.
Our graduates, 80% have working in local universities, academics and entities of government by their professions.
The department training mission is to provide be able to convert the highly qualified and skilled personnel in Mathematics, Computer Science, Economy and business for organizations government administration, banking and finance, business, economy, training, research and strategic planning.
The department also has provided training materials for 3 laboratories with modern computers as well as providing professional textbooks and connected to the high speed wireless internet in the university environment.
At present, the department has been training at the bachelor’s degree: Economic mathematical modeling, Computer software, Computer graphic design, Business administration, Banking and finance management, Accounting, Economy and master’s degree: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Administration.
The department teachers, researchers and students have collaborated with local business and service organizations on custom government projects, contract work and programs also in development of the telecommunications sectors; develop proposals on strategic issues, research, test, technological development.