The Department of History


The department of History established and started its training since 1994 by the initiative of Academician Ch.Dalai, and had worked as a head of department A.Ochir (Sc.D) and S.Tsolmon (Ph.D).
Department of History now has been organizing all academic degree training therefore since its first graduation we had prepared over 900 Historian and researcher of Chinese, Japanese and Korean language by 20times of our graduation.
From our graduate students are now working successfully: many of them now studying advanced level training, teaching public and private schools, Institution of History and Archaeology of Mongolian Academy of Science, Agency of National Archive, Museum of National History, General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia and Museum of Mongolian Army as a scientific researcher.
The students, who are studying our department, have many advantages; to participating scientific project with professor’s team they learn scientific methodology and improve foreign language so they have more possibilities working in the scientific institutions and other academic organizations.
The department professors and teachers are participating successfully in the joint project of Social Science Institution, People’s Republic of China from the Foundation of Science and Technology. The head of department D.Bayarsaikhan has took “The first place “twice in /2008, 2009/ in Eureka competition organized from The Scientific Conference of Mongolian Youth Federation and Youth Leadership among the International Universities and Institutions. In 2010 “Minister’s Grant” of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and “The Honorary Certificate” of Academy of Science
The department students have possibilities to do internships in the cooperative universities in People’s Republic of China, South Korea and Japan during in their academic years of studying. The department of History has been organizing many activities to the students for improving their scientific research work; “Center of the Mongolian Historical resource study” and “Bichig Sudartan” club for collecting historical resources, introducing historical heritage and places, doing scientific research and improving student’s oratory skills