The Ulaanbaatar State University has been taking into exceptional consideration to  extend its foreign relations while it is implementing research activities within the framework of cooperation with higher education colleges, universities and scientific Institutions  of highly developed countries in the world, as well as Academies of Science and Research Centers, including ‘Truest Academy’-Italy;  ‘Hamburg University’-German; ‘Osaka University’, ‘Тоhоку University’, ‘Vaseda University’ and ‘Hackuho college’-Japan; ‘Dankook University’, ‘Intellectual University’, ‘Daegu University’, ‘Daegu Cyber University’, ‘Soon Chun Hyang University’, Chungnam National University – the Republic of Korea; Saint-Petersburg State University,  Altai State University, Technical University of Irkutsk, University of Buryat, University of Chita- Russia; National University of Centre of Beijing, Foreign Language and Culture University of Beijing, Yan Tai University, University of Inner Mongolia, Pedagogical University of Inner Mongolian Autonomic Country- PRC.

The UB University collaborates with Embassies in Mongolia from PRC, Japan and RK as well the organizations JSV & JICA, Japan; ‘Hanban’, PRC who run their persistent activities in many countries. As a result, during the recent 5 years within the collaboration agreement  there 4 specialists and 5 volunteer teachers from PRC, 9 teachers-specialists, Japan,  and 7 teachers from RK who have the official rights to spread foreign languages are invited to work  in the area of foreign language teaching methodology, culture and history for each 1-2 years.

Therefore, the number of researchers and teaching professors from Institutions at Academies of science, higher education Institutes and universities in more than 10 countries, including Russian Federation, Republic of Korea, Japan, PRC, Buryat, Kazakhstan, Turk and USA who have been invited to the research work in literary, language, historical and cultural projects, field research, archaeological excavation and exploration,  is increasing year by year.

In average, around 10-20 professors and teachers have been working abroad for the purpose of participating in international projects, programs, and cooperation agreements while they are learning and increasing their qualification. The number of scholars and researchers, masters and doctorates trained and increased their qualification is increasing year by year.

At least 10 foreign students are enrolled in long and short term training courses each year for postgraduate or master and doctorate degrees according to student exchange programs, government grants and inter-school contracts.

Every year, at least 10-15 postgraduate students at the Ulaanbaatar University, Mongolia win variety of scholarships as named after Honorary Doctor Zhang Sam Hye, the professor, Korea; PAS /Pacific Asian Society/ Asia Pacific Students’ organization; Taiwan-Mongolian Society, RK  and ‘Sumutomo’- Corporation, Japan. In addition, scholarship named after the Rector of the Ulaanbaatar State University and credits incentives are awarded by students scored big  successes in scientific research, exploration, art and sports, as well as there are available discounted loans and stipends  from the State Fund.