International collaboration




Country Universities and organizations Type of contract Term of an agreement





Saint Petersburg State University Cooperation agreement


Technical University of Irkutsk Cooperation agreement


Altai State University Cooperation agreement


2012, 2013 \for 5 years\
Pedagogical University of Chit in Inner nature Trilateral cooperation agreement 2009.05.05 \for 5 years\
University of Buryat Trilateral cooperation agreement 2009.07.06
Energetic University of Moscow Cooperation agreement


1999, 2004
Donetsk State University of Ukraine Cooperation agreement


2009.09.01 \for 5 years\






People’s Republic of China

National University of Centre of Beijing Cooperation agreement


2005, 2008, 2009, 2013
Foreign Language and Culture University of Beijing Cooperation agreement


Confucius Institute Memorandum of agreement 2013


Yan Tai University Cooperation agreement


2008.09.29 \for 5 years\
Tsinghua University Memorandum of agreement 2007.08.07


Chinghai University Cooperation agreement


Lanzhou University Memorandum of agreement 2006


University of Inner Mongolia Cooperation agreement


2014.11.28 \for 5 years\
Inner Mongolia Normal University Cooperation agreement


2004, 2007, 2009, 2014.10.16 \extended for two years\
Technological University of Hebei Memorandum of agreement


Technological University of Tiangjin Memorandum of agreement 2013
Shenyang University Memorandum of agreement 2007


Xiling Gol Vocational College Memorandum of agreement 2006.06.12


University of Tokyo Cooperation agreement


International University of Osaka Cooperation agreement


Kanazawa University Memorandum of agreement 2002
Hiroshima University Memorandum of agreement 2014.08.14





The Republic of Korea

Dankook University Cooperation agreement


2007, 2009, 2012
Soon Chun Hyang University Cooperation agreement


2015.11.18 \Long-term contract\
Chungnam National University Memorandum of agreement 2009
Jeju National University Memorandum of agreement 2011
Daegu University Cooperation agreement


Daegu Cyber University Cooperation agreement


University  of Pohang Memorandum of agreement 2009
Hallym Institute Memorandum of agreement 2009.07.02
Chungju University Memorandum of agreement 2011
Germany Nuclear Research Center of Hamburg City Memorandum of agreement 2009
Italy University of Macerata Memorandum of agreement 2007