Journalist club

“Journalist” club

 Mission: The mission of “Journalist” club is to strengthen practice with theory in its field, to expand journalism department and develop students’ activities and creative thoughts.

            For the 15th anniversary of the University, “Journalist” club was established in 1 October, 2007 at the initiative of teachers of Journalism Department. The club has organized many essay contests including, “Fullness of knowledge during 15 years”, “Crime of human trafficking”, “Future of My Mongolia” and “Alien influences in Mongolia” as well as the first issue has been published the selected works which was criticized by the teachers of journalism in the daily newspapers and the publications of universities. The “Hello” newspaper that fills in the interesting details about the university is published by the club. “Journalist” club is open to students who are prepared future outstanding journalists.

The newspaper organizes interesting interviews with sport and cultural dignitaries such as the Honored singer of Mongolia S.Javkhlan, founder of “Hello” talk show, NTV Nandia, actor of “Mask production” Aldar, fashion model Tuyamaa, singer Nara and actors of “Dream” theater Dulguun, Bold and Ganbaatar.