Leaders club

"Leaders" club

            Leaders club of speech-craft and parliamentary debate has been performing its activities for students of Philosophy and Political study, generations of graduates and more than 800 students since 2000. The club supports and develops students’ skill of speech-craft and parliamentary debate, organizes other competitions and creates opportunities to participate in the contests of country and district as well as club is open for all students who want opportunities for self-development.

The club consists of following members; as a head of club O.Erdenetungalag (3rd year student of Philosophy and Political Study), a deputy head of club Munkhtogtokh (3rd year student of Public Administration), a secretary of club Ts.Tsatsral (2nd year student of Philosophy and Political Study) and members of board are G.Buyanjargal and S.Bolormaa (3rd year student of Philosophy and Political Study), Ts.Saranzaya (2nd year student of Public Administration), E.Sumiyabazar, E.Soronzonbold and Ts.Chogiijantsan (3rd year student of Public Administration), Yunden (2nd year student of Public Administration) and Suren (2nd year student of Journalist).  

Our mission: Our main goal is to help students express their opinions right, to develop their logical thinking and presentation skills and give them chances to learn from each other.