Manager club

Manager club

The club “Manager” was started in 2011 and in order to improve creative ideas and self-development skills for students as youth people organizes variety of research, training, professional and cognitive competitions, as well as runs activities to join charities.

The club’s aim is to have students who are majoring in public administration get some experience within professional field and find in patriotic spirit in ways to spend their spare time efficiently, develop managerial talents and encourage exploration research work.

To celebrate the 373 anniversary of founding  of Ulaanbaatar city  the club managed ‘Big cleaning’ campaign jointly with 5th Khoroo, Bayan Zurkh district, in which participated more than 200 students majoring in public administration, in addition to this our students with their groups as classmates help and support 7 elder people chosen by them from 5th Khoroo, Bayan Zurkh district who are helpless and have no one looking after them with food, household products every month, so that students participate in charities activities on their own activity and initiative. The charities activities have continued for 2 years and the students are received a high appraisal by the 5th Khoroo, Bayan Zurkh District, and named as “Humanitarian messenger” collective.


Research studies within the club led by  the instructor S. Tuul (Ph. D) let students to awareness research methodology, giving them directions. As a result, the students have scored bid successes, including such as following:

·         The students won the first place, participating in the competition “We are the legal entities”  held jointly by Mongolian University of  Education  and the Constitutional Court in 2012.

·         B. Bolortungalag, the 4B- Public Administration (PA) group’s student, won 2nd place with “Being without bribers to reform public services” and B. Batnayam, the 4A- PA group’s student got special award with “Bureaucratic impact to public administration reform” speech, participating in the student’s scientific conference – “Public Services reform” held by CTM School of the UST (university of science and technology) in 2013.

·       E. Davaadalai, the 4B- PA group’s student, won 3rd place with “To deliver public services through one-stop-window” speech, participating in the  scientific conference among students of Mongolian universities and institutions, majoring  in Public Administration Management, held by CTMS of UST in 2014.




The club “Manager” runs public activities every months regularly and apart from this has organized the cognitive competition “Tower of intelligence” within the University, as well as quizzes “AXA”- (“Um!”), “CENTAURUS” within the professional presentation campaign that are managed by professional teachers.