Daegu Cyber University, “Mongolia Global Support Center” has opened at the Ulaanbaatar State University

According to this 2+2 program, our youths have opportunities; students enroll Korean language class and will study 2 years at the Ulaanbaatar State University then choose professional filed which are mentioned above, will be studying on-line e-program

within 2 years and will graduate with 2 diploma from 2 universities. Therefore, Daegu Cyber University “Mongolia Global Support center” opened at the Ulaanbaatar State University and made its opening ceremony on 6th October successfully.

 Students, who are involving this program, must study 70 credit hours course in class training at the Ulaanbaatar State University and next 2 years s will study 70 credit hours subjects by online program at the Daegu Cyber University. Implementing this 2+2 program, the students will  get 2 degree program diploma of two honored universities which recognized over the world, except it, there are many advantages exchanging experiences, holding practices in the companies and international organizations and big entities managing in famous engineering or IT field in Korea during studying and getting more job opportunities.

 Welcome to study at the Ulaanbaatar state University and Daegu Cyber University online program if you want to go with new century’s e-century.