The Student’s Union  of the University has managed to protect their right and to create condition for good learning. The Students’ Council  for students’ interest and right was organized  in 1994, today it has expanded as The Student’s Union  and has worked supporting plan for development strategy and as professional entity to protect their right, skilled to control function in reality in relationship of high education, direction of activity and following policy. The Students Union the  The Student’s Union  of the University has managed activities of  creation, humanity and education focused on  stage, sector, unity and branch of the society at all national level, uniting individual entities and primary  organizations for students of the vocational training centers, colleges and universities and  one of the unit  of The Mongolian Student’s Union. 

Tuvshinsaikhan student of Math and Software III course has worked as The Head of The Students Union   between 2014-2015. The Students Union  has involved  representation  from every department.   The component of  The Students Union  has changed every year at initiative of the department.  

The Students Union   has  organized, participated  and cooperated  in next activities  successfully.

  • Booking of students  card for  public transport.
  • Involving  in booking of students  card  VISA.
  • Delivering  activities  of students’  affairs and academic affairs.
  • Involving    cultural and sports  matches
  • Providing by information  of  scientific conferences and  national competitions.
  • Giving information  of  scheduled works and activities  of  The  Mongolian Student’s Union. 
  • Involving   in  clubs and classes, also participating in their activities
  • Supporting  activities organized by departments and University

Mission: The main  goal is widening   students’ multilateral activities, improving  their  social and cultural  initiative and spending free time  usefully. Not  only for students,  also  we have organized   humanity  activities and honorary performance for olders of the district.