Under making request for purpose introducing practice to prepare research-specialist in the countries sucs as USA,Russia, China and England   effective combination of academic training and practices, The Mongolian Academy of the Science had  decided establishment the Institute of the Technology under  the Decision No:109  on the 29 February 1992  supporting by the Minister of the Education and the Science that to prepare scientific  next generation under base of the  research  laboratories capacity and own scientists potentiality  capacity.  The Institute has begun to  train and  had choosen  the best children who won in the  Olympiad  for Informatics and  Practical Mathematics,  Practical Physics and Chemical technology. In 1994, it was enrolled additionally students who majored in “Asian Study” ,  the Institute had the category of the University under  the Decision No:15  on the 15 January 1995  of the Minister of the Education;  it has history that the Institute of the Technology  had changed as The Ulaanbaatar State University  according to the decision of The Governer of the Capital city(No:259/A- 184 on the 26  July 1996)   and the order of  the Minister of the Education and the Science .
         Between 1999-2000, The Institute  held training   result of establishment joint branch school such as The Energetic Institute of Moscow and Colorada University of USA , it gave good opportunities to get education in abroad for many talented young people.
         Until June 2010-2014, it was held training under status  of the sub-school so under uniting as  the Ulaanbaatar school of NUM according to the  Decision No:15  on the 20 January 2010  of the In Academic year 2014-2015, under decision No:A/740  on the 29  August  2014 and the Decision No:A/337 on the 26 August  2014 of the Minister of the Education  was re-established The Ulaanbaatar State University with capital property and has continued own deed since opening on 20 September 2014.