Enebish Ganbold Sc.Doc, prof of Biological science

 Enebish Ganbold  Sc.Doc, prof of Biological science.


    He  is  Head of   Biological  Department. He graduated from the secondary school of  Arkhangai  aimag, also majored in  Botanist after graduation Biological  faculty of Peterburg’s  University in 1969.

    He defended   Ph. doctor  degree of  Biological science on the thesis “Flora  of Khangai region” in 1983, and science doctor  degree on the thesis “Flora  of  North Mongolia” in 2000.

    His research field is Flora and the classification of Flora.  He wrote master pieces such as “Flora  of   Western Khangai”  Moscow, in 1983,  “   The indicator of  Flora”  in 1985, “Flora  of  Khangai” in 1989 and “Medical  herb of Khangai” in 1992.

he was awarded  an assistant professor in 1997 and the professor of The State University of Ulaanbaatar in 2001.

20 monographic books and joint books ,   45 scientific works,  8 edited books,  7 scientific commercial articles, 3  scientific  reports 2 of them  in abroad    and  5 guidance, standards were published .

    He was awarded The Polaris in 2005 and the Order of Red flag for Labor Honor in 2011,  the best worker of the Science ,  the best worker of the Education , the best worker of the Environment and other medals.