Чойсүрэнгийн Дагвадорж/Ph.D., профессор/

Adviser teacher Ch.Davgadorj (Ph.D) Prof      

 The honored figure of Mongolian culture, Ph.D and professor

He graduated from the secondary school  in 1961,  as the teacher of Mongolian language and literature  at  Mongolian language and literature course of  NUM in 1966. 

He defended an assistant doctor degree of Philology on thesis on “Development the role of worker’s class in modern Mongolian literature” in 1980. His career since middle of 1980ies, he  has worked  in field of literary criticism  and monographic books such as “Development the role of worker’s class in modern Mongolian literature”, “ Aesthetics of Military service”, “ About literary criticism” and “Secret of expressive meaning”,   critical  collection books such as “ Feeling from books”, “Author, time and creation”,  many books and  more 90 articles or  reports were  published.  He led  team of authors for first Mongolian  national encyclopedia and  one of authors  of  “Mongolian encyclopedia” (Volume I, II in 2000).  He is co-author of  “The history of modern Mongolian literature” (1985,1989), “On the road of new development” and “Khotgoid sutra”.

Since 1988, he  has published  poetic books such as “Dahlia”, “Blue wind of the sea”, “Dear Mam”, “Handful ground”, “Melody of spirit”, “Maid of the love” “ Lyric of  touched spirit”.

 The first author from Mongolian writers was published individual work “The fall of North America” on the topic of America.

 He is a famous representative of modern Mongolian song poetics and the his  song “Dear Mam”  is very famous for million listeners and audience over the world.