Battur, Sharaa (Doctor Ph.D)

Battur, Sharaa(Doctor Ph.D)


Professor of Mongolian Language and Literature Department.

In 2002, he finished with a major of Worker of Literary and Translator at MSUE.

In 2003, he defended a master degree \MA\ on thesis “Modern poem of transitional period” at MSUE.

In 2004, he defended a doctoral degree \Ph.D\ in Philology on thesis “Modern literature development andtrend of Transitional period” at MSUE.

His research field is Modern Literature of Mongolia; especially he works on the Historical research of Literature in 1990s. He compiled and published several books, articles and research works such as: 8 monographs, 19 scientific articles, compiled 3 books, supervised 2 master diplomas, criticized 6 bachelor diplomas and edited 5 books.

His creations:

In 2002, “Modernist Poem of New Generation”

In the years 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2010 “Modernist Literature of Mongolia”

In 2008 and 2010, “The Literature and Today”

In 2012, “Creature of Play written by D.Uriankhai” (with S.Chuluunbat)

In 2014, “Modern art and literature criticism of Mongolia” (with A.Munkh-Orgil)

In 2014, “Modern literature history of Mongolia - IV”