Department of archeology


              History and Development. When the University of Ulaanbaatar was the Institute of Technology at first, the Mongolian history and archeology subjects started to be taught to the groups of the Asian Studies Department. Later in 1994 when our new department was opened and started working, the professional course of history was established at the Asian Studies Faculty and the Mongolian history and archeology professional course was made as a special course for full semester.

Since 1996 there had been made changes to the structure of the Faculty of Social Science and based on the order of the rector of the University, academician B.Chadraa of 17 September, 1997 on establishment of the History and Archeology Departments and then Department of Archeology was founded. The first head of the department was a doctor /PH.D/, professor D.Erdenebaatar till 2000 and since then in 2000-2003 Ch.Eruul –Erdene had been working as an acting head of the department, in 2003-2008 a doctor /PH.D/, professor D.Erdenebaatar, in 2008-2010 a doctor /Sc..D/, professor D.Bayar respectively and since 2010 a doctor /PH.D/, professor D. Erdenebaatar has been working as a head of the department.

The department holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate trainings and research works of archaeology and the students are trained and graduated from getting a major of Archaeologist-Japanese translator, Archaeologist-Korean translator, Archaeologist-Chinese translator and Historian-Archaeologist specialists.

Our mission. The mission of our department is to create new knowledge by expanding ancient history researches based on the ancient historical sources, intellectual potential of the professors, e-book libraries, libraries, museum of archeology, laboratories and cabinets with the participation of the professors; to expand capacities of laboratories by combining training and research works; creating scientific way of thinking and self-development; to train researchers and specialists with the ability to solve urgent issues of society by using their scientific researches and their results, with high communication skills, with the ability to work independently in the team at the science, industry and social sectors; to develop individual talents, interests and professions constantly in compliance with the country and world standards and trends of the development of the historical science and to create favorable environment for the improvement of their knowledge and re-training.

Directions of our research work. The teachers and researchers of our department mainly do the archeological, anthropological and paleozoological researches of the pre-bronze and pre-iron ages, Khunnu, Turkic and Mongolian empires. 

Program works. Since 2012, the department has been organizing annual traditional Scientific Conference among students of all universities of Mongolia named after D.Bayar who was our former head of the department. Also we have been organizing introductory trips of archeological field and industrial practices in the territory of Tuv, Uvurkhangai, Arkhangai and Bulgan provinces and performing archeological excavations, research and training works permanently at the department’s base of archeological field practice located at the site of the Khunnu aristocracy grave mound in the place named Balgasan tal or Gol mod II in the valley of Khanui river, Undur-Ulaan soum, Arkhangai province.  

Our teachers. The department is one of the best departments of the University of Ulaanbaatar is performing activities with 5 full-time teachers and 2 two assistant research workers. The Department of Archeology and the research team has been working together since 2008 and by participating in many international, foreign and domestic projects exploring our research works in-depth. In addition to this our colleague is using and gaining their knowledge, practice and experience during the research works in the cabinet trainings combining  the theory and practice with new knowledge and pursuing modern trends.