Department of biology

The Department of The Biology

 In 2011, the class of  the Biology at the University of Ulaanbaatar was established including 6 students at the initiative of Sc.D, professor E.Ganbold, Academician D.Baatar and The Honorary Figure of the Science, Academician, Senior Insructor A.Dulmaa at the The Department of The Chemistry of the Institute of the Technology. The reason and condition for establishment the The Department  was focused on preparing qualified professionals who  recognised  at the foreign level  and studied natural phenomenon   friendly with nature that holding training connected high education and organization of the science.


Sc.D, professor E.Ganbold has worked as the Head of the Biological Department since establishment. Supporting by the Institutes of the Academy of the Science and   the laboratories of zoology, classification for botany and anatomy-morphology for botany, our department     holds scientific research study, graduate education and academic affairs, also  has graduated specialists majoring in biology-ecologist, paleontologist  and biologist.

The introduction: The Department has 5 fulltime teachers, 1 consulting instructor and 7 constract teachers. Since establishment of The Department, the teachers and students have participated and experienced in the complex field research for Biology in joint Mongolian-Russian expedition, has published scientific research works in the frame of many domestic , foreign and international project works, except enriching our  research studies, also the colleague works using knowledge and practices that getting during research expedition combination of academic practices with  modern new trend and using it in the courses training.

We’ll prepare specialists who has knowledge of running research study and training, providing the requirement of high education programmes during the globalization, charging young teachers and researchers by modern scientific knowledge.

The purpose of The Department: The purpose of The Department is improving quality of the student’s training, developingcurriculum  connected to social requirement and period, renewing and equipping the base of the laboratories at the modern technology, strengthen co-relation between academic training and research practice to reach  international curriculum , improving activity and interest  of the students to participate at the research works and creating favorable condition to hold stage training for  getting bachelor’s or master’s degree with enough foreign language knowledge, versatility in the market and satisfied  modern requirement.

 The direction of the  research study.  Teachers and researchers  of The Biological Department have  held research studies and post graduate and academic training in leading direction of the biology such as ecology, paleontology, pedology, genetics, biotechnology, molecule biology, zoology and botany.