Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

 The Ulaanbaatar University was established as a Technology Institute under the Mongolian Academy of Science in 1992. The department of Chemistry and Technology was founded as a main body of the natural sciences and directed by academician Badgaa.D, who was the director of the Chemistry Institute from 1992 to 2002. 

Curriculum of the department has been prepared by Ph.D Badarch.D, Sc.D Oyun.J and by academician Purevsuren.B in their specialized chemistry background. The first class has started with 26 students after the curriculum has approved by the Ministry of Education. 

In 1994, Oyun.J has initiated the laboratory in the classroom no.318 as a part of general chemistry and inorganic chemistry section. However, from 1995 it has become geochemistry laboratory according to the decision carried by the Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources. Since this arrangement, the laboratory has being used for conducting practical lessons carried on as well as research projects, which are usually implemented jointly by the Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources and the Chemistry department.

Oyun.J was appointed as a head of the department in 2002 and she is in this position till today. Under her management, the department has extended in terms of classrooms, laboratories as well as staffs, who are young professionals, who are in team of professors-training staff with the duty to support the research works and lead research works of the students.

Now, the department of Chemistry and Technology has eight research and practical lesson laboratories including a mineral study museum-laboratory, a nano-technology, a Mongolian traditional technology study and an experimental production shop room.

The department conducts research works in the field of teaching-study-test production and carrying on 3 study project sand 1 single theme research work respectively. Also, the department holds 6 patents and 9 certificates of beneficial models and has produced 12 books for lessons and for professionals. 

Since 2005 the department has being obtained license for conducting to train for providing master and doctor degree, which provides advanced studies in organic and inorganic chemical technology including natural resource exploitation and chemical engineering. Today, the department has 8 doctors, 60 master graduates including graduates who were defended by the lecturers of chemistry chair. Also, the department has been organizing annual research symposium topic in ‘water quality’ last 10 years with support of thechemistry chair. 

From 2010, the department has been focused on physical and chemical research in terms of materials including nana-materials and catalysts. Beside these research works, chemical and technologic studies of corrosion resistant alloys with magnetic quality of transitional metals have been carried on intensively.

The department has notable many young professionals as a staff member and students. Young lecturers and student team received second place in ‘Eureka-2013’ and 3rd place in the research conference ’Technological progress of food industry’, which was held amongst the students of universities and colleges of 2014 respectively.  The department has the best lecturer of Mongolian National University of 2013/2014 and a receiver of the first place of research conference of students of the natural scientific branch of Ulaanbaatar University in 2013.

Goals of the chemistry department:

The Chemistry department intends to strengthen the effectiveness of compliance within the Ulaanbaatar University through consisting in compliance with the vision and objective of the university and implementing newly advanced technology to improve quality of the outcome of the curriculum in terms of student and staff achievement, which is understood as a collaboration of the department and students. We acknowledge that such student and staff achievements will be attested to by the reputation the department of the Ulaanbaatar University continues to enjoy nationally as well as internationally. Therefor, the curriculum of the department is designed to satisfy the diverse needs for all students. We keep encouraging students take parts in study and research works that maximize their effectiveness and increase their interest. It helps to student pursue their career objectives successfully in advanced education, in a scientific career in government or industry sectors, in a teaching career in school systems and in a related career following graduation.

In the research case, ‘study-training and production test’ organic link will be carried on the traditional basis to bring deepening the research and study of natural ore, rocks, minerals, plants and materials of animal origin:

-          To create new materials based on modern nanotechnology through the material study of chemistry technology of earth rare metals and mineral materials with drug quality of Mongolia.