Korean department


               Korean language department of the Faculty of Philology and Literature began its training under the control of the Asian language department in 1995 at first and it has been working for 19 years successfully.

             The department had been worked with a few students in that time on September 1995 and now we are performing activities with 4 full-time Mongolian teachers, 1 foreign teacher and over 50 students who study Korean language.

When our department was established first, Korean language subjects had been taught by the head of Korean Study Center, Sc.D, professor B.Sumiyabaatar and specialists of Korean language teachers Kim Gi Song and Kim Jong Gu at high professional level for students as well as this was the first step to achieve success for the following skillful teachers and personnel.

We are holding our training activities in time with the best young personnel such as S.Chuluunbaatar a doctorate, T.Kherlentuya a doctorate, S.Tuvshinbayar a doctorate and a teacher Huan Jan Hie who is a mission of the Organization of Korean International Cooperation KOICA in this academic year of 2014-2015.

Our department has been collaborating with “Dankuuk”, “Kyongdong”, “Soon Chun Hyang” and many other universities of Korea by expanding its foreign communication as well as contracting with the Voluntary Organization of Asian and Pacific Ocean countries PAS for many years.  In addition, the organization manages annual summer training of Korean language for students and that influenced and developed students’ motivation, high importance and training quality of the department.

The department not only established and equipped with the complete cabinet of Korean language and country studies in this academic year of 2014-2015 but also improved the quality of training and students’ motivation. We use the latest equipments, DVD, CD and projector to train equal and accessible education and teach our subjects using student books of universities that is better known as three universities of “Sky” such as University of Yonsei, University of Korea and University of Seoul. The mission of our department is to spread Korean culture and language and make intellectual investment to the all of Mongolian students and we are working hard for preparing skillful leaders and personnel that recognized in the worldwide by contributing to the friendly relationship of Mongolia and Korea.