Department of history

Department of history

 Generation and development of department. Department of History was established in the University of Ulaanbaatar in 1993. We began History course training from 1993-1994 academic year and first 14 students graduated in 1997. From that time we’ve already made 15 graduations and its 500 students graduated majored as Historian also with Chinese, Japanese, Korean study.

            Our students who is Historian also with Japanese, Korean, Chinese translator’s profession, many of them studied master degree course also they work as a Historian teacher in their university, state and private universities, and some of them work as an academic researcher in Institute of History of Mongolian Academy of Science, National Archive, museum of National History and Central intelligence Agency successfully.

Science doctor of History (Sc.D) professor Purev.O and Ts.Enkhchimeg (Ph.D) ass.professor also teachers who have master degree; U.Delgermaa, B.Doljinsorogdog, B.Davaatseren, G.Khishigjargal and G.Batkhishig have been worked in our department.

            Now over 40 students are studying in 2-3rd course of History, doctor D.Bayarsaikhan (Ph.D) working as a head of department. Professor S.Tsolmon (Ph.D), doctor (Ph.D) ass.professor N.Khishigt, doctor (Ph.D) D.Bayarsaikhan also teachers who are studying in postgraduate degree B.Galbadrakh, and T.Erdenekhishig are working as a teacher in our department.

Department mission. It is to preparing and contribution to effective and skillful historian and researcher with scientific wide knowledge.

Academic research work. Department teachers have been doing research work on the subjects of Mongolian history’s ancient, medieval and modern times and branches of science of history; historiography, biography, country study, historical geography, ethnography.  Also published the books based on their scientific research work; “Galdan Boshgot Khaan” (The king Galdan Boshgot) ,  “Altan ordni uls” (State of Altan ordon), Mongol nutgiin durvuljin bulsh ba hirgisuuriin soyol”  (Square tomb in Mongolia and culture of tomb), “1921 oni huvisgal ba ardin juramt tsereg” (Recolution of 1921 and soldier of public), “mongolin tuuh bichlegiin udirtgal” (Introduction of Mongolian historiography) , “ Tumen zasagt khan” (King of tumen Zasagt), ‘’ Arvan doldugaar zuun” (the seventeenth century), “Mongol ulsin tuuh” (History of Mongolian State), “Uliastai hot” (Uliastai city), “Mongolchuud XVII-XIX ” (The Mongolians XVII-XIX).

Scheduled work.  Beyond academic training, department has many program works on developing our students. Our department junior students make archeological internship and during the internship time they travel Mongolian Historical places also participated to the archeological excavation and research.

Senior students of Historian-Chinese course students make their internship in Inner Mongolian University of Teacher, in the People’s Republic of China, annually. Also we send our students to studying at Osaka University of People’s of Japan by scholarships annually.

“Bichig Sudartan” students club is working and organizing works: historical study, historical and cultural monument tour, doing research work, developing oratory skill and studying together programs.

“Center of Mongolian historical study” working in our department, which is looking for and collecting historical records of Mongolian history, and giving effort for the student’s academic research work.