Department of humanity

                                                                                                                                              DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITY

The department had been started since 2006-2007 academic year as a branch of the social science faculty and called as “The department of philosophy- political studies, sociology,history and tourism”.  It has expanded to become “The department of humanities” since 2009-2010 school year. The first chairman was the professor  O. Tsevegdorj (Ph. D), the honored teacher of Mongolia, and it was awarded the title of “The best department” in 2009-2010 school year. Now the head of the department is S. Tuul, the doctor (Ph. D).   Since the academic year when it was started  the department has been training specialists, including:

  • teachers of philosophy and political studies and social science,
  • Managers for public  administration and management department
  • Sociologists and social workers
  • Managers for history tourism

In 2014-2015 school year there are 5 classes of students majoring in Teacher-Philosophy, Management-Municipal Administration.

 There are special consulting rooms or bureaus put into exploitation and used for training of tourism, sociologists - social workers, politician, philosophy, public administration, as well as students should practice working in  main governmental or municipal organizations and secondary schools so that they organize teaching process.  The department has compiled and released ‘The memoir’ annually to encourage scientific studies by teachers as well as students since 2009.

The Mission of the Department: To train high educated knowledgeable personality who has  largeness skills and  satisfied social requirements.

Curriculum for activities:     Beyond the teaching process our department has tradition to socialize, giving Parties at noon- “Presentation of their qualification”, “Mongolian national costume presentation”, “Public administration professional Olympic”, also there are student’s parliamentary discussion club - ‘LEADERS’ and governmental administration professional club-‘MANAGER’ and not only educational, but other sporting or artificial activities to help students improve their knowledge and skills and develop their speech craft.

The result is that our students majoring in public administration had won “The first place” participating in the competition “ We are legal  ” ( “Бид эрх зүйн этгээд”) held jointly by Mongolian University of  Education (МУБИС) and the Constitutional Court in 2012. And our department has trained students constantly to have participated in scientific conferences organized around by the state and the school within their majoring professional field and  have kept ranking places.

Teachers of  tourism have  taken part in instructional seminars and walking tour competitions “Туриад” (‘Tours’) held by “Mongolian travel Association”, “Constant development center of tourism”, “Mongolian society of  Teachers and Scientists for tourism” and “ Ministry of natural environment and tourism”