Department of mathematics and software

Department of mathematical software

 Origin and Development of the Department. The Department is one of the first formed while was started the University and called the Department of Applied Mathematics. As the first head of the department worked Dr. S. Budnyam, the professor who was the director of the Institute of Mathematics, between 1992-1997, so that many renowned scientists were involved in the learning process. Applied Mathematics students were participated more often successfully in entrance exams that had been held by the Ministry of Enlightenment annually as a tradition since 1993 to be trained to high developed countries, as a result more than 30 students went to the countries including USA, Japan, Russian Federation, India, Hungary, Romania, Poland, PR of China, KR and Vietnam and some of them have worked with reputable foreign companies successfully after graduating from their universities.

·         Between 1997-2000 years the Department was managed by Dr. D. Byambajav who was the director of the Institute of Mathematics

·         Since 2001 academic year the Department has been changed to be the Department of Mathematical Software and has been serving with the goal to have our students to be given a double major, furthermore to be trained well as professionals reached the international level.

·         In 2001-2002  the head of the Department was Ts. Jgjuglsgakhan

·         During the years of 2003-2012 Dr. G. Ankhbayar, the associate professor, worked as the head of the Department.

·         Since 2012 Dr. U. Badam has been working as the head of the Department.

Introduction to the community. Professional and specialization courses are given by the teaching professors with academic degrees including Dr. U. Badam (Ph. D, professor), Dr. G. Sharkhuu (Ph. D, professor), Dr. G. Ankhbayar (Ph. D, associate professor) and there are master degree teaching staff  at the Department including J. Batnasan, Ts. Batchimeg, S. Baatarchuluun, D. Enkhmend,         B. Tungalagtamir, B. Narmandakh, J. Narantuya, G. Ganbayar, J. Bolormaa, B. Enkhtuya,  T. Narangarav, and Kh. Lyankhuatsetseg, too.

Program works. The Department is participated regularly and achieved successinvarious competitions such as Programming Olympiad held annually among the Mongolian Universities and Institutions, quizzes “Who better to know the Tax Law?”, as well as “Bank Olympiad” by “XAAH” bank among students majoring in banking annually.

Business Administration students do internships in the banks including “XAAH”, “XAC”, “Golomt” and “TD Bank” which are considered to be larger in Mongolia, and Mathematical Software students have access to practice-teach in schools within the software, network and mathematics as well introductory and field trip to companies such as ‘Super assisted’, ‘MobiNet’, ‘Interactive Co ltd’ and ‘Info systems Co ltd’ constantly.