Department of mongolian study

Department of Mongolian Studies

 History and development of the department. In 1992, when the Technology Institute was founded under the decision15 dated February 29 of the Academy of Sciences, the activities of the department had been started in accordance with the lessons of linguistics and literature in the curriculum of Asian studies department. Further, when the Institute was expanded into Ulaanbaatar State University, according to the decision 259/A-184 dated July 29, 1996, the Faculty of Language and Literature was founded and the experienced researchers of the linguistics and literature had been prepared in the curricula of foreign languages. As well as, starting from 2003, when the department of Mongolian language and literature was founded by Faculty of language and literature according to the decision which dated January 2, 2002, training and research activities have been expanded in the field of special curriculum. The department has been conducting the following trainings;

            -          starting from 2003, “Literature and Criticism”

-          starting from 2005, “Journalism”

-          starting from 2009, “Mongolian language - Philology”

The head of the department Ph.D., Prof G.Bilguudei has now been working this duty since 2003.

Mission. The mission of the department of Mongolian studies, UBU is to carry out staging training courses in the frame of curriculum, to give theoretical knowledge to the students and to prepare the leading researchers who will be able to work together or independently in the different kinds of branches including, science, production and society with the demand and need of the time and society.

 Introduction. The department has 17 academic staff including 12 full-time teachers, 2 associate professors, 4 part-time teachers and a tutor. The academic staff of the department have participated in the international and domestic academic training and research work independently and jointly and introduced them into new teaching and further work with the modern trends. The department carries activities on doing fundamental and applied research; its results are published in the public domain and a number scientific research seminars and meetings are organized.

            About the international cooperation, the department is collaborating with the universities and organizations from the different parts of the world, especially including, National University of Center, Northwest National University, University of Huhnuur, Inner Mongolia University, Inner Mongolia Teacher’s University, People’s Republic of China; Sankt Petersburg University, University of Buryat, Russian Federation; Osaka University, Japan.

Program works. The Department of Mongolian Studies of Ulaanbaatar University organizes many traditional activities such as improving education and research works of students, Scientific Conference for “Seminar of Herasimovich” amongst students of all Universities in Mongolia for purpose of retraining, Scientific Conference for named after J.Byambaa, conducting “Poetry and Literature Club” in coherence with the program and organizing “Festival of Poetry” with other professional organizations. A lecturer who teaches the lesson of Folklore and Dialect is organizing students’ “Field research work”, making a Scientific Report and working on supplying teaching aid of research. Starting from 2005, we have been preparing professional scientific journal to publication on the field of “Philology and Literature”.