Department of Physic-Electronics

Department of Physic-Electronics

 The history and Development: The University  of Ulaanbaatar  has trained majoring in Physics and Electronics when was the Institute of the Technology.  It  was opened Physics and Electronics class in 2000, it has enrolled about 40 students every year, also Computer Software class was opened in  2004 and it  has enrolled about 40 students every year, the first heads of the Department were  Ch.Dechinpuntsag (Ph.D) and Ts.Enkh-Amgalan(Ph.D), Ch.Dechinpuntsag (Ph.D)  has worked as head of the Department since 2007.

The  Department has held academic and post graduate  training therefore has held research works in cooperation with Physical and Technological Institute of  The Mongolian Academy of the Science and has prepared majoring in Physics and Electronics, Computer Network and Hardware,  Hardware Engineer and Radio Physics.

Supporting by opportunities of the teachers of the Physical and Electronic Department, book resources and laboratories, using capability of  research laboratories and intelligence  of the professor  for the the Science Academy of  The Mongolia, it’s favourable condition improving their knowledge and profession, preparing researcher who has full supplement for high developed countries trend, social requirement, individual talent and interest.  

We has worked under purpose providing development of the students, teachers  and  researcher developing their knowledge, creating  more opportunities to create, to work and to study, expanding research laboratories and facilities which providing international demand and requirement, giving modern education them, being creative, hard working, active social figure and patriot,  developing training and research works  under support  of cooperation and assistance  of international organization and high developed countries, also participating actively the students, teachers  and  researchers in exchange programs under mentioned countries.

The setting goals of the Physical and Electronic Department are:

-working to use successfully the latest achievements of the Physical and Electronic branch  according to training, research, social and market demand

- working under needs for world development and the period making  analysis for content  and quality of training

-using widely  the result of the informatics and technology in training and research works to  prepare  professional who is high qualified, versatility in market and satisfied social demand and requirement

-raising  the knowledge and ability of  the teachers of the department  result of the expanding cooperation and  foreign relation and involving in research works.

The direction of the  research study.

-The name of the research project by Ch.Dechinpuntsag (Ph.D, prof): the theoretical and practical research of the laser technology

-The name of the research project by L.Dorj (Ph.D): The assessment methodology of the  school, class and information system’s capacity

-The name of the research project by T.Sosorbaram(Sc.D):  “The reintroduction of German  and international standard in sector of mining and machine industry”,”The quality administration study in Statistical National Committee”, “The project elaboration of E-training standard”, “the study of international standard  introduction, standards of followed in wool and cashmere sector’, “the standards of followed in light industry, the study of international standard introduction”  and also young teachers  have done many scientific research studies.

Scheduled activities: The department  has participated successfully in Electronics Olympiad among the students of the Mongolian Universities, Abu-Robocon (since 2008), Professional Olympiad of Computer Network, Sumo robot and Automat Robot therefore  scientific conferences for students which held by University and department.

Also every year, the department carries out  the introduction   professional required job opportunities, output  production, professional laboratories and  introduction practices in The service center of locomotive station, the alcohol manufacture of Zuunkharaa,  the Power Station, the Cement  Plant of Khutul,  Metallurgical Plant of Darkhan, tha carpet manufacture of Erdenet, the copper  plant of Erdenet, Erdenet Mining Corporation.

The introduction of the colleague: Leading scientists and professors Ts. Baatar(Sc.D), Ch.Dechinpuntsag(Ph.D) , H.Namsrai(Sc.D), L.Dorj(Ph.D), T.Sosorbaram(Sc.D), J.Oyun(Sc.D), G.Sharhuu (Ph.D) have thought  professional and majored subjects, also A.Enkhtuvshin, B.Naranbat, B.Zandan, Ts.Enkhbayar, D.Byambadorj, B.Densmaa, G.Narantstetseg B.Shurenhuu, L.Byambajargal, J.Lut, Sh.Dashpurev, L.Altanchimeg, E.Naranmandah and S.Uuganbaatar have thought and worked.